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The anger
20 printed fabrics 300 x 200 cm each, digital print in lightbox 70 x 200 cm, and stereo power amplification system

And yet, the stubbornness of the facts emerges to contradict such deceptive discourse. And the gray color tends to prevail in the world that admitted the richness of the chromatic spectrum. It is the unanimous gray of the ashes of the dead in indignity, of the sewer and bubbling filth, of the turbid morass, of political “equanimity” and utilitarianism in the name of ideological causes.

Sergio González Rodríguez, Los 43 de Iguala, 2015 Anagrama.

The Anger is a work that explores diverse notions coming from the sonic and visual arts, performance, and literature, product of a residence of Israel Martínez in LARVA (Guadalajara, Mexico), with the collaboration of Diego Martínez, Ensemble Supercluster, Cynthia G. Bordes and Luis Montoya. It is also a tribute to the journalist and writer Sergio González Rodríguez, who died in April of 2017, attached to the spirit he transmitted to his readers: pointing out the importance of critical thinking and certain radicalism that is necessary in a grayish present. The work also makes reference to the Greek society that has traced several paths of resistance after the crisis with the European Union, demonstrating that new routes of protest and organization are urgent to influence with greater relevance.