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Intervention with black clothes

Israel Martínez’ works remain far from the artist’s gestures or from any personal trademarks since they generally resort to mechanic o digital techniques for their production and reproduction.

Paradoxically, all of his work is affected by personal experiences: his life, his interests, his travels. The idea that brings together all the works from the exhibition Imagen Pública has nothing to do with formal aspects but with an inherent concern: to reflect upon our surroundings and the social dynamics that come from sound, music and countercultural movements.

Years ago, while saying goodbye at the U-Bahn station, Martínez pointed to me a series of black garments hanging in the streets. He explained to me that in many countries, it is a symbol used as a manifest of inconformity to the social status quo. The bitter smile he had while pointing them to me remind me of the Outopia photographs included in this exhibition: they both make me think of the encouraging uneasiness and of that critical attitude that echoes throughout his work.

Text by Esteban King