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Dislocation (series)

The recordings in this exhibition seem to leave daily drudgery aside and to bring forth moments, specific time periods, which make us enquire, contemplate and speculate. Used to audiovisual experience, we go through the different environments guided by the disposition of the videos, we watch them and then we slowly discover that the possibilities of movement, location and perception in relation to the artist’s suggestions are actually structured by sound. These sound materials have been captured with the intention of being amalgamated, and they seem to address us from their bond to the image: on one hand they bring us back to everyday life and, on the other, they generate uncanny situations. At first, things seem quite comfortable, but then situations are disrupted by an instant, by scenes that point at an anthropic presence or, in some cases, by characters that move in and out of frame in strange sport-like choreographies. We don’t know why a group of persons is having a picnic while they stand in line; but when their gaze avoids or confronts the cameraman, the possible plots that may be imagined add up until they bring a sense of uneasiness to the situation. These fragments of landscapes are added to a shifting sound environment made of differentiated sound scenes that complete the experience as one moves from one room to the next.

This selection of works made between 2012 and 2013 in different places of Mexico and Europe may be considered as an installed composition, a series of dislocations that departs from the sketches made by Israel Martínez along with a few collaborations. We should point at the contrast between his production made during his residence at the DAAD’s Artists-in-Berlin Program and the one he did in Mexico before and after this period. The body of work shown here explores the permanent synchronicity and dissociation that may be achieved through the dissection and re-configuration of audio-visual documents, modeling new materials that address perception and its narrative potential. They are reflections that suggest a simple activity report or, subtly, a possible fiction: a continuous displacement between sounds and pictures.

Fragment of curatorial text by Iván Edeza. Dislocación. MUCA Roma. Mexico City. November 2013 – January 2014


Mono-channel video sample
Exhibition’s documentation

And also the trees
Bel Canto
Bailongo — In collaboration with Diego Martínez
Paraíso — Cello by Iracema de Andrade