August 2014

PCFS: Post-Colonial Flagship Store, group exhibition at freiraum quarter21 INTERNATIONAL / MuseumsQuartier Vienna. October - November 2014.

Artist-in-Residence during October 2014 at quarter21 INTERNATIONAL / MuseumsQuartier, Vienna.

Border - Bridges group exhibition at Neu West Berlin. October 2 - 19.

Micromusik festival in Berlin. September 10 at Villa Elisabeth. Presentation of TemacapulĂ­n, new soudscape composition with Diego MartĂ­nez.

Two espressos in separate cups adaptation to eight audio channels. September 4 - 6 at Laboratorio Sensorial, Guadalajara MX, as part of Resonancia, works commissioned by MUAC.

"O" Dibujo en escena, collaboration with Atelier Romo. August 27 - October 12. Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City.

La escena del sonido, multi-channel listening sessions about works produced for dance and multidisciplinary events. August 20 - 21 at Fonoteca Nacional and Centro Cultural del Bosque, Mexico City.

Incognita CD and Terra Incognita vinyl are available now via Aagoo Records. This is a collaboration between KK Null, IM and Lumen lab: hypnotic and powerful electronic sounds, field recordings and digital processes. A celebration between experimental musicians from different generations and geography.