September 2015


Bergen Academy, November 9 - 11. Norway. More info soon.

Dirty Ear Forum at Sound Disobedience Festival. November 3 - 7. Ljubljana, Slovenia. A project with Brandon LaBelle, Tao Sambolec and Irene Tomazin.

Lecture at Primeras Jornadas de Cultura Electrónica CEART-SLP. October 29. San Luis Potosí, Mexico.

Exorcizios, muti-channel concert / performance at Mexican Interfaz Festival: September 11, Monterrey (Café Iguana); October 15, Oaxaca (MACO); November X, Mérida (MACAY).

Map of the new art, group exhibition at Fondazione Giorgio Cini. Venice, Italy. As part of the project/book: The future is unwritten (contemporary artists from Mexico), Luciano Benetton Collection. September 1 - November 1.

Transitio Mx 06, International Festival of Electronic Arts & Video. September 25 - October 4. Centro Nacional de las Artes, Mexico City.

Israel Martínez is now represented by talcual gallery in Mexico.

Incognita CD and Terra Incognita vinyl are available now via Aagoo Records. This is a collaboration between KK Null, IM and Lumen lab: hypnotic and powerful electronic sounds, field recordings and digital processes. A celebration between experimental musicians from different generations and geography.